A Jazz Funk Soul Band

Freddy Dugard’s Hit Squad performs throughout the Tri-State area. His handpicked innovative mixed race and gender ensemble of some of the top musicians in New York City claim a broader musical turf than traditional jazz and has the distinctive playing style and compositional voice that exceeds the smooth jazz camp. His sound is full and makes you groove to the backbeat. What else would you expect from professionals? If you are a lover of jazz, funk and soul music, look no further. Featured in Modern Drummer Magazine, Freddy’s passion and perseverance of what it means to be a drummer who keeps the fire alive is his trademark. He states, “When you focus on something you enjoy for any length of time, you are propelled into a state of meditation. That’s the key element.”

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I have never before felt possessive about a band, but I am fiercely glad that Freddy Dugard belongs to us—fine tuned, his drums are resonant, and his band allows us to overhear emotion the way it was meant to be heard. Nobody else today plays quite like these musicians; and few indeed play any better. The synergy of this band has renewed my passion for singing.


Lala, Grammy Award Nominated Songwriter of “You Give Good Love” sung by Whitney Houston

Freddy Dugard is one of the most electrifying drummers on the scene. I have had the pleasure to work with him in many musical situations over the years from Funk and R&B to Jazz. Within Freddy is a magnitude of infinite strength, wisdom and will. These attributes have helped him to be a driving force in any rhythm section. A true musical drummer. 

— Mark Adams, pianist/composer/arranger/author and musical director for Roy Ayers

                                                                                                                                           Last night when I walked in, a band was setting up and they told me about two months ago, they are the house jazz band, lead by Freddy Dugard on drums playing every Saturday  Of course I stayed to hear them and so damn glad I did...This band is tight and they can tear it up at times.

 --Joe Moretti, writer for Clean up Jamaica Queens 

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